Angular for Mobile Apps: Top Benefits

You would agree there is no shortage of mobile app development languages now, and while there are several powerful frameworks that make the development tasks easier. Also, you might have realized that there are not too many frameworks that can resonate with most of the development requirements. Going by industry statistics, today Angular is regarded as one of the leading technologies for mobile app development.

Angular Development

Angular, a framework that enables the development of web apps, has long figured as the top choice among developers. For organizations, it helps maximize performance by enabling high-quality and secure mobile app development. Further, Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) also offers quick and smooth updates. And, when developing in Angular, the development teams would experience cleaner code. This makes the process more efficient.

If you are wondering why that is, allow us to explain. Let us start things off by first taking a look at some of the different types of mobile apps one can build using Angular.

1. Enterprise web apps: Angular has long been the go-to option for an abundance of enterprises looking to develop intricate software, typically for use within their organization.

2. Single page apps: Single page apps have to be among the most popular types of web apps in the world. The premise of SPAs is that the user engages with the app on just one page. Unlike what some may be inclined to believe, this does not mean that users will only see static content. In a SPA, the appropriate information dynamically pops up on the screen. While Angular can, of course, enable their development, it is the framework’s routing and data management that make it a top choice for the development of high-performing SPAs.

3. Progressive web apps: A highly-sought after option in the market lately, one can easily build high-quality PWAs with features that allow them to quickly adjust to load rapidly, be available offline, etc.

Now that you know some of the most important and beneficial types of modern mobile apps you can build using Angular, let us also consider some of the top advantages you stand to gain by using this rather a popular tool for building web apps.

1. Ecosystem: Easily one of Angular’s biggest USPs is the fact it is supported by a massive community of developers across the globe. Owing to the popularity Angular enjoys worldwide as a web app development tool, there are plenty of expert Angular programmers out there who can provide quality assistance should a developer find themselves needing some input.

2. Modularity: A critical factor for most modern-day apps and software, modularity is what enables seamless scalability of the app when the time for expansion comes. To that end, Angular is brimming with reusable components and also makes it easier to make use of generic components to accelerate the process of writing the modules. Then there is also the lazy loading feature that ensures a given module is downloaded only when the need arises.

3. Top-notch testing: No matter the tools with which you build any given digital entity, testing is and will always remain a critical concern, both for companies that make them as well as the people for whom the apps and such are intended. This holds for web apps as well, of course; in this context, Angular, first, offers ample testing tools as part of the package. This is an important factor since the availability of such provisions enables quicker and safer development.

There you have it, folks, a handful of the countless benefits companies and businesses stand to achieve when they decide to use Angular for their web app development projects. In addition to these benefits, yet another critical factor that works in the favour of this framework is the variety of apps it can help develop. So, go ahead and start looking for a trusted name for Angular app development services and get started on building a rock-solid app for your organization right away.

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