AWS Cloud: How it Benefits Businesses

That cloud computing is a prevalent force in the digital world is not news. Now as more and more companies seek such services, there is one name that has consistently been one of the top choices: Amazon Web Services. AWS, as the service is commonly known, is a cloud-based platform that offers an exhaustive array of services. Starting from infrastructure services to novel technologies — AWS seeks to empower companies with it all. Suffice it to say that AWS is a gateway to advanced services for the modern business.

As you would be aware, AWS constitutes the cloud computing platform with Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 as quite popular services. The adoption of AWS Cloud hugely benefits startups, SMBs & large enterprises with reliable and scalable computing capacity. It can help save the companies high costs that are otherwise spent on owning and maintaining servers & data centers. Among development teams, AWS Cloud is used to create a sandboxed environment for testing scenarios without affecting the production services.

You do not have to take our word for it, of course; here is a list of some of AWS’ most important benefits for modern companies:

  1. Agility: Decidedly one of the biggest advantages of AWS cloud computing is the agility businesses gain. The service empowers clients with a wide range of tools and functionalities such as elastic load balancing, scaling, etc. It also offers companies access to top-level databases including Elasticache, Redshift, and RDS among others.
  2. Improved security: A key advantage offered by the AWS suite is the security; Amazon has collaborated with a world of ace companies to ensure the highest levels of security. It also is in complete compliance with the stringent regulations implemented by authorities for data security. No wonder why even the bigwigs such as Dow Jones, Nasdaq, etc. trust AWS.
  3. Better disaster recovery: Ask any IT professional and they will tell you that disaster recovery is a critical part of any organization. Why? Because how else are you supposed to protect all your data and documents in case of an issue that may pose a grave threat to all the data and such. Now some may propose a physical location for the backup but imagine the risks it faces. The better option here is AWS which helps companies back up their data online. This process is automated thus further easing the process.
  4. Mobility: Yet another compelling benefit of the AWS suite of offerings, especially in this day and age where mobility is a critical part of ensuring high levels of productivity as well as success. Such mobility, in turn, is also vital for companies in their ability to access a global pool of talent: thanks to the ability to ensure remote work setup, it is now possible for companies to hire experts and highly skilled professionals from across the globe, ensure continuity of business in case of lockdowns, and empower employees and teams to work even while traveling.
  5. Increased access to modern tools: Ever since Amazon Web Services first arrived on the scene, the nifty offering from the stables of the corporate behemoth has done a terrific job of quickly expanding its portfolio of tools and services. One does not only gain run-of-the-mill cloud computing services but also can access avant-garde services such as the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, data analytics, artificial intelligence, mixed reality solutions, etc. One can access a wide variety of offerings for software, database, networking, and analytics.

Now that you see what AWS can do for a business, you should go ahead and start looking for a reliable AWS development company to partner with as you make the transition to the cloud.