Azure Data Lake Analytics: How it Helps Enterprises

Data lakes, data repositories for storing large volumes of both unstructured and structured data, have gained impressive traction in the market. This is especially owing to the growing demand for ensuring data availability across the organization, scalability, agility, speed, etc. However, which solution should one opt for? Well, Azure data lake analytics makes for a good choice.

It is a service for distributed analytics that dynamically scales so that you can focus on business goals and not on distributed infrastructure. And, instead of deploying, configuring & tuning hardware, it is easier to write queries that help transform data and extract valuable insights. This analytics service can even manage jobs of any scale instantly. Azure Data Lake Analytics offers a unified big data developer platform to integrate language, runtime, tooling, development environments, resource management with extensibility security. This makes developers and ISVs far more productive while supporting the entire end-to-end big data development lifecycle from authoring to debugging, monitoring and optimization.

Azure Data Lake Analytics

And, to help you understand why that is, let us start with a discussion of what this platform can do for you.

1. Scalability: Scalability is a critical need for any company at any given point, even in the context of data storage and processing. With Azure’s Data Lake Analytics platform, companies gain the ability to store extensive volumes of data sans the need to structure the data immediately. This is a vital advantage for organizations that only need to store data but do not need to process and analyze it right away.

2. Data-driven decision making: The platform empowers businesses to ensure the requisite data can be easily accessed by different teams, i.e. it helps democratize data. Consequently, all authorized employees across the organization can find and access the data they need to make informed decisions.

3. Advanced analytics: The data lake brings high-end processing power and deep learning algorithms to the table, empowering companies with robust real-time analytics. It means businesses can quickly achieve in-depth insights without needing to fret about the infrastructure required for such data processing.

Allow us to also list the primary reasons why the popularity of Azure Data Lake Analytics adoption is growing rapidly in the market.

1. Data storage and processing: Companies now have an abundance of data to grapple with; this is undeniably a terrific development, but this situation also poses many data processing challenges since so much data can quickly overload companies’ existing storage infrastructure as they try to store and process the data on-demand. This, right here, is one of the main reasons why Azure Data Lake Analytics’ popularity has shot through the roof in the recent past.

2. Eliminate the need for setting up infrastructure, etc.: Yet another reason why this solution has found growing acceptance is that Azure Data Lake Analytics does away with the need for installation, configuration, maintenance, and administration of infrastructure, servers, virtual machines (VM), etc. This is because the platform can process the data no matter where in the Azure cloud the data may be stored.

Now, let us also take a quick look at some of the key provisions that make Azure Data Lake Analytics a unique offering in the market:

● Involves the use of only one programming language: U-SQL
● Pricing model: pay-per-job
● Compatible with HDFS
● Low latency rewrite access
● Unlimited scalability
● Dynamic scaling
● Humongous throughput
● Enterprise-grade security

There is no denying that data lakes have come to play a crucial role in modern organizations, enabling them to efficiently and effectively pursue their business goals and objectives. Its ability to facilitate distributed data processing for a variety of workloads, such as querying, machine learning, sentiment analysis, ETL, machine translation, etc. So, if you are in the market for a top-notch data processing service, you can rest assured that Azure Data Lake Analytics is the way to go. What are you waiting for, then? Get started on looking for a trusted provider for Azure analytics services right away.



A professional and security-oriented programmer having more than 6 years of experience in designing, implementing, testing and supporting mobile apps developed.

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Ryan Williamson

A professional and security-oriented programmer having more than 6 years of experience in designing, implementing, testing and supporting mobile apps developed.