Java Development: Popular Eclipse Plugins

  1. EGit: Easily one of the essential plugins for Eclipse, EGit serves two critical purposes: Enabling integration with Git, a distributed version control tool, as well as allowing developers to download code from GitHub. By the way, with Git integration, developers gain access to a record of each update and change in the code. Besides that, the integration also eases the process of looking for and effecting queries against the entire revision history.
  2. Spring Tools: The fundamental goal of this set is to ensure the ease of creating Spring as well as Spring Boot projects. And not only that, but the Spring Tool Suite also delivers support for content assist, validation, high-level code completion, Spring Java-config based application development, and so much more.
  3. Android Development Tools: Android phones are all the rage right now, and thus, by extension, so are Android apps. So, a plugin for Android apps is only logical. Which plugin can one use? There is the Android Development Tools plugin that serves to expand Eclipse’s abilities to facilitate the quick development of sturdy Android apps.



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