Microsoft Azure Cloud: How it Drives Agility and Better Performance

For any organization, today building resilience means looking at every part of the business while preparing it to thrive in the face of change. And there have been ongoing discussions about resilience as it relates to keeping employees and customers safe. It enables remote work, and sustaining revenue. Microsoft as an organization is committed to continuous innovation with Azure IaaS capabilities to help customers achieve these goals.

Microsoft Azure, which is a collection of the technology titan’s platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions, has long led the cloud computing market. Such an achievement is not without reason, of course; i.e. this Microsoft offering empowers companies with a world of benefits. One of the key reasons why Azure has managed to establish itself as such an important tool is that it successfully unifies all systems and apps while also ensuring authorized personnel can access these resources from wherever they may be.

We’re witnessing customers move beyond the immediate crisis thus enabling remote work as many are accelerating cloud adoption to increase competitive advantage and stay more digitally resilient. Of course, there is much, much more to Azure than just this; so, here is a look at some of Azure’s key benefits to help you understand why it is a terrific choice for companies.

  1. Business intelligence-driven decisions: It is critically important for businesses to be able to carefully analyze their data. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done, especially due to the humongous amounts of data that most businesses now generate. Well, with Azure you gain access to the suite’s business intelligence tools which help companies make sense of their data.
  2. Streamline data: One of the biggest USPs of Azure is that it can bring all the company’s systems and data under a single platform. What this means for companies, then, is that they are not only able to access data with a lot more ease, but also gain the ability to analyze all their data and thus, gain substantially better insights.
  3. Security: Considering this is a Microsoft offering, you can rest assured that Azure offers top-notch security. After all, you can trust a technology behemoth to get this bit right at least. Hence, Azure gets a world of compliance certifications along with a world of other security-related functionalities and features such as disaster recovery abilities, multi-factor authentication, etc. to help ensure that businesses remain protected and prepared for all possibilities. This is why Microsoft Azure is such a sought-after offering, especially in industries that are subject to high levels of risk.
  4. Fortify current IT infrastructure: When you integrate Azure in your business, the staff no longer has to waste their precious time focusing on the in-house IT infrastructure, i.e. maintaining it and such. This is because Azure, first, eases the deployment process of existing apps without necessitating extensive downtimes. Plus, with such an environment, the learning curve too is much, much easy, thus enabling employees to quickly find their way around the platform. Oh and let us not forget that Microsoft Azure has a massive footprint across the globe, which is conducive to the quick delivery of services, content, etc.

It is abundantly clear that Microsoft Azure brings a whole lot of potential for businesses to the table. With its plethora of modern features and functionalities, this nifty offering from the house of Microsoft is primed to empower companies across the broad spectrum of industries to achieve their objectives and goals. So, if you too want to gain these benefits for your business, we recommend that you start looking for a highly reliable and trusted name in Azure consulting services. With the expertise and guidance of qualified experts, your company can quickly take its business to the next level.