Power BI: How it Drives Better Business Analytics

Ryan Williamson
3 min readApr 2, 2022


Most organizations of today embark on digital and data transformation as a strategy to survive and thrive in an increasingly hyper-connected and digitized world.

Business intelligence (BI) enables gaining actionable insights from data that is fundamental for any organization that strives to be agile, future-proofed & ready for tomorrow. And, given the abundance of data at the disposal of companies today, it ought to come as no surprise that most of them are eagerly looking for modern business intelligence tools that help address their data challenges.

To maximize the return on data, analysts need to be empowered with the best of tools like Microsoft Power BI which helps to extract valuable insights for data-driven decision-making. To address these concerns, Microsoft Power BI is often hailed as a leading choice. Let us first take a look at a handful of this tool’s benefits to see why.
1. Top-notch security: Among the top reasons why Power BI is an increasingly sought-after solution in the BI market is how it boosts security. It allows companies to easily manage security, user controls, etc.
2. Data democracy: Power BI includes plenty of reporting features, allowing users to quickly put together interactive dashboards. Additionally, this tool can also absorb data from a variety of sources to help companies build robust and highly effective data models.
3. Avant-garde data visuals: To ensure high levels of effectiveness of insights gained from data, Power BI ensures companies can leverage visuals and other tools to put together comprehensible stories.
Now a quick look at some of the reasons why businesses prefer to use Power BI for business analytics:
1. Ease of connecting data: It is a given that for companies to achieve quality business analytics the companies must ensure the data is not siloed. To that end, Power BI eases the process of unifying the organization’s data in one place, consequently delivering accessibility, visibility, flexibility, etc. while reporting.
2. The tool currently supports up to 70+ connectors. It lets businesses load data from a wide range of cloud-based sources such as Azure, DropBox, Google Analytics, OneDrive, and SalesForce.
3. Access to advanced analytics: At this point, it is evident that Power BI is an amalgamation of a variety of powerful tools that seek to empower companies to better use their expertise. It includes data analysis expressions (DAX) scripting language and in-memory assessment technology to help ensure a seamless balance between top-notch performance and comprehensible insights. DAX helps companies analyze their data to identify patterns. Power BI is also conducive for use by Excel experts, helping them transform and integrate data in Power BI without a fuss.
4. Tailored dashboards: Yet another compelling reason why Power BI’s popularity continues to soar among modern businesses is the dashboard which can be completely tailored following a given organization’s unique requirements. Furthermore, both the personalized dashboards as well as the BI reports thus generated can be easily integrated within the apps to ensure a top-notch user experience.

As you can see ladies and gentlemen, Microsoft’s Power BI tool is truly a unique proposition in this increasingly cut-throat market, empowering businesses to put their data to work and achieve unprecedented value from it. Furthermore, as the above discussion reveals, Power BI can deliver a plethora of advanced capabilities and functionalities without the fuss and complexity people have come to associate with high-level technologies and tools. So, if you too are also on the lookout for better business analytics, extensive reporting, and more for the foreseeable future, you know Power BI is the way to go. What’s the next step, then? Well, now you can start looking for a trusted vendor to help you identify and set up Microsoft Power BI solutions suited for your business.



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